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Standardized Astrodynamic Algorithm Library (SAAL) Software

This site is the public interface used to initiate a request for Standardized Astrodynamic Algorithm Library (SAAL) Software. 

The Standardized Astrodynamic Algorithm Library (SAAL)  Software is a software suite of astrodynamic algorithms that are available to Air Force Space Command customers who require interoperability with the Joint Space Operations Center (JSpOC) and/or have requirements for astrodynamic standards capability needed for official work on active U.S. Government sponsored projects. 

Due to the sensitive nature of these products, access to this software is tightly controlled. All applicants must be working on Astrodynamic-related programs in support of or in partnership with the U.S. Government. These products are not available for export or for commercial use. 

The Standardized Astrodynamic Algorithm Library (SAAL) were developed to ensure interoperability for users of the Joint Space Operations JSpOC satellite catalog.  This means that in order to get the most accurate prediction, users need to use the same propagators that were used to generate the Two-Line Elements (TLEs) or Vector Covariance Messages (VCMs).  Why Use Standards

The Astrodynamic Standards that are available to the public can be viewed at Available Astrostandards

Information about requesting the ASDA software can be viewed at Request

Current applications using the Standardized Astrodynamic Algorithm Library (SAAL)  will need to migrate to V7.x by 1 October 2017 as AFSPC will no longer be supporting V5.4.  Advantages of Version 7