Instructions for Requesting the Standardized Astrodynamic Algorithm Library (SAAL)

If you, your Quality Assurance Evaluator/Government Representative (QAE), your Contracting Officer's Technical Representative (COTR), or project management or mission area has access to the NIPRNet, it is highly recommended that you or they go to the Space/Cyberspace Analysis Resource Portal (SARP) at to enter the request there.
Making a request from here may take several weeks, whereas a request made via the SARP automatically generates the needed Request Letter and Acknowledgement of Use. In addition, after approval of the request, the software can usually be downloaded from the SARP directly. Approval is based on who (organization), what (project or specific mission), and time frame (the contract must be current for contractors).

To make an informed choice of the software that will support your work for the government, please review the List of Available Standardized Astrodynamic Algorithms.

Additional information on the Standardized Astrodynamic Algorithm Library (SAAL) can be found here, Instructions on how to use the wizard are found here.

To initiate a request for software select one of the following options:

If you do not currently fall into either of these categories, please contact us for further information on how to request the Standardized Astrodynamic Algorithm Library (SAAL).